Yapi: The container of unfinished/endless



Yapi is an unfinished building, which = when abandoned = produces an open space situation with a variety of uses and space definitions. The current project started with these abandoned building-skeletons and consists of four parts:

- The events that take place inside and around these abandoned buildings (yapia) or those as a result of their presence.
- The elements of space found at a specific yapi at Volos, a city of Greece.
- The objects that were collected in this building, which are linked to stories irrelative to the chosen field of research.
- Free associations, unstructured thoughts and analysis that took place during the research period.
The first chapter “Events” contains newspaper articles from the period 1995 to 2018.
The second chapter “Words” is a visual dictionary which consists of entries which describe the elements found in the abandoned building under construction at Volos.
The third chapter “Objects – Stories” contains lists, stories, game rules and essays connected to the objects that were found in the researched building.
All these stories of the third chapter and the articles from the second chapter, though based on real facts are not true. They are partially or totally reconstructed in order to view a topic from different perspectives and to raise issues such us time, property, exaggeration, industrialization, monuments, symbolisms, different ways of representation, architectural thought, legend, journey, route, non-linearity.      
The fourth chapter “About yapia” (buildings under construction): contains a list of different thoughts and works that took place during the research.
There are three different ways to read this project: the linear, the proposed and the open one.
The chapters of this project are located on a map as numbered nodes. This map represents a typical ground plan of the building under examination.
In this map someone can draw an arbitrary route (by connecting the nodes).

Thus, the whole project becomes a game, a route in space, set by the decisions of the reader. Therefore, researching the building is possibly endless and remains unfinished.