Thermal baths in Thermopiles

  • Thermal baths in Thermopiles

    landscape architecture
    Project Information
    Individual project
    2007-2008 (5th academic year)
    Kostis Panigiris / University of Thessaly, Department of Architecture
    Thermopiles is a historical site where the great battle of Thermopiles took place in 480 B.C. 300 Spartans fought against the Persian army. Natural hot water springs are here located at the foothills. Recently a big excavation was accomplished in order to collect material for the construction of a new road. I considered this excavation at Thermopiles to be a contemporary human trace on historical ground.
    A deep steep hole inside the existing excavation hole is proposed.
    The material which is gained by making this hole can be used to cover the half of the excavation hole. Hot water from the hot springs will flow through the other half and will trickle away at the bottom of the new hole. In this way the hot water will return to the earth.
    Open concrete shells are placed at the edge of the hole. People who come to take a bath can use them in many different ways.
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