Taranto andio


Taranto andio
A group of young people finds themselves on a beach after a long night spent out drinking. It’s the early morning of one of its member departure in the name of a better living abroad.
The hours before the goodbye are floating away, while an old children game is played.
It’s early morning on an empty beach. Out of frame we can hear the voices of young people playing an old children game, in which each of them has to quote (one after the other and until running out of ideas) the highest amount of names of cities and countries starting with the same capital letter. One by one young figures enter the frame, walking slowly, some of them with bottles in their hands. The wind is blowing away the scarf of one of the girls.
Leaded by the voices of the players we see different moments spent by the see: someone is taking a picture, a girl is fixing her hairs, a second one is sweeping some sand from her body. A girl puts her jacket on the shivering shoulders of a friend, a guy is staring at the sea.
While the energy of the group seems to cool down, less and less voices are able to find the right countries corresponding to the capital letter. We never see the players talking.
Finally all the members of the group seems to be asleep on the sand, just two boys are awake, sitting one next to the other. A third person, a girl, enters the frame and sits next to the boys, who are finishing the game. It’s the first time the audio matches the image.
The girl steals a drag of cigarette from one of the smoking guys, smiles at both and starts with the game again.
It’s late in the morning and the two boys with the one girl of the previous scene are sitting one next to each other on some steps of Old Taranto Town. The three look tired, their clothes are wrinkled.
One of the boys, who is still drinking a beer, tells to the girl that it’s really getting late and that she should go and get her luggage. The second guy remains quite and picks the beer from the hand of his friend. The girl answers calmly that yes, she is going.
The three of them stay still and don’t move. The fan of an air conditioner starts moving above their heads.
The End