How an animated story can be created without stop motion methods and without using digital models? One answer could be, using the physical abilities of a space.

According to this idea is created, the project: 5 stories made by staircases. Same objects were placed in different states on the steps of public staircases, cameras installed in shoes created videos by climbing or descending the staircases.

The staircases
Staircases are a spatial element that varies in section and in ground plan at the same time. To achieve the simultaneous spatial differentiation the step is used as repetition unit. The step in this project becomes the scene, every frame of video stands on the step. The camera view is transferred from the head to the foot, which is in direct contact with the scene (the step).

The body as engine
By wearing special shoes with attached cameras inside, the body becomes the machine recording the video, but a machine which has no mechanical motion but the natural movement of the human who ascends or descends the staircases. So the human movements become one more element of the video story.

Public filming, public event.
The staircases, that were selected to create the videos, are public. One of them has also transparent risers, so there is a direct contact with the urban view, on videos. The process of production becomes an installation in town and the filming an event, which attracts the interest of the people who are passing by. So the urban landscape and the urban events become part also of the composition of the videos.