No entry


The movie “No entry” was made with the participation of young Afghan refugees in Greece.
It’s a statement against the common policy of western countries to let people wait for acceptance. In this situation people don’t belong anywhere, they live in the space between.
A refugee is in a dark room.
Suddenly he is pushed violently and falls into a long corridor with closed doors.
When he gets up, he tries to open one of the doors.
A second door opens suddenly and another refugee is pushed out violently.
The door closes again.
Now both of them, without trying to work together, try to open doors.
More and more doors are opened and more and more refugees are thrown out.
The corridor is crowded with refugees.
They can’t succeed to keep any of the doors open.
In the end there are dozens of refugees.
They are getting tired.
Gradually they are giving up trying to open the doors.
Nobody is talking.
One looks at his hand,
one at an old wound.
Suddenly the movie rewinds.
A refugee is pushed violently and falls into a long corridor.