Heute gibts keine Heute (Today there is no Today)

Action 1 Schhhhhhhh took place in Vienna in Esel Rezeption in Museum Quatier.
Action 2 Die grosse Rettung (The big Rescue) took place in Innsbruck in Kunstpavillon.

Anna Vasof realised the action “Today there is no Heute” in Vienna, using a stand full of free HEUTE (today) newspapers. She has now developed a second action for the exhibition in the Kunstpavillon, entitled “The Great Rescue”. Here, too, the key element of the interactive installation is a stand of HEUTE newspapers. Every newspaper included forms the frame to a video, which is then assembled like a cartoon film. When a visitor removes a newspaper, the action is recorded by a camera. When all the newspapers have been removed, we can read “Today there is no Heute” on the base of the stand, and the video is complete. It is shown on a screen opposite. The gestures which are made when removing the newspapers, which also symbolise giving and taking – in the European political context as well – refer to the headline of the newspaper: “Bankrupt-Greeks, do you take us for fools?”. How nice – the couple Bruni-Sarkozy are demonstrating their private happiness on the cover of this issue of HEUTE!
Ingeborg Erhart (
Kuratorin und Geschäftsleiterin der Tiroler Künstlerschaft)








Die grosse Rettung (The big Rescue)