For Sale

„28 Lockers +“ is a collaborative project, bringing together a variety of multimedia works from the Transme¬dia Class. The works use the conceptual and physical limitations of university and museum lockers to ex¬plore a range of themes, offering an opportunity for discourse between the quotidian and the gallery, between private and public spaces. The project has evolved from a proposal by the „Locker Gallery Association“, which seeks to connect and inspire people to work in lockers.
Locker Gallery Association staff members:
Charlie Allen, Joanna Coleman, Stefano D’Alessio, Eilis Hanson, Martina Menegon, Peter Regner, Christina Romirer, Anna Vasof
The Locker Gallery Association
As a group we have formed The Locker Gallery Association. The Locker Gallery is a private lockable space within a larger public space, offering an opportunity for discourse between the two realms and exhibitions outside of the traditional hierarchy of the art world. The Locker Gallery Association functions through a website ( which allows people to upload images of their locker galleries online and provides advertising space and networking opportunities. The potential number and location of locker galleries is unlimited.


„Zu verkaufen“ (For Sale) is a video installation inside 6 of the lockers. The idea is to simulate the vitrines of 3 closed stores, which simultaneously showing looped videos from 3 real closed stores in Greece. The vitrines contain the greek and german phrases “for sale” with the contact phone number of the artist. Exhibition visitors can call to discuss the current financial and political situation in Europe.