The coffee house

  • The coffee house

    Sketches inspired by the poem “The coffee house” written by Miltos Stahtouris
    Project Information
    Individual project
    2005-2006 (3rd academic year)
    Fotini Margariti / University of Thessaly, Department of Architecture


    I was sitting in the coffee house looking out of the window
    a woman without hands was trying
    to hide a telephone in her mouth
    that fat red bird that always pursues me
    flew round about me three times
    afterwards stood by the entrance of the coffee house
    and shouted to me:
    You're naive, you don't know anything, I shall kill you!
    Then I set myself to singing
    about the white woman made of sugar who died with the nuns
    everything was so ugly so horrible
    that I began to laugh
    to laugh
    to laugh
    I saw myself also passing by outside the window
    he was infinitely sad and thoughtful
    [written by Miltos Stahtouris,
    translated by Kimon Friar]
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