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    Bene (a company producing office furniture) invited ten selected architecture offices and ten design studios to participate in the creative competition "SEAT ART". The motto was: How many ideas fit into a seat?Gharakhanzadeh Sandbichler Architects took part and won the competition with the film “Ben E.” (Directed by Anna Vasof, Music & Mixing: Thomas Sperlbauer).The “Rondo” shell sets out to explore its identity: "Do you know what I am?" The multitalented furniture stumbles upon a series of funny and practical scenarios – heading straight toward an identity crisis. But there is a happy end.The jury’s decision: "The most convincing implementation of the theme of the competition. It was an excellent presentation in the form of a film."

    Casting:Alex Wildzeisz, Flavio Miranda, Carolin Lotz, Anna Vasof, Yeliz Ilhan, Feria Gharakhanzadeh, Darious Abedini Eslam, Kimia Sandbichler, Thomas Sperlbauer,Bruno Sandbichler
    Story by: Anna Vasof, Alex Wildzeisz, Flavio Miranda, Feria Gharakhanzadeh, Thomas Sperlbauer, Bruno Sandbichler
    Motion / Montage: Anna Vasof, Motion assistance:,Kimia Sandbichler, Soso Alexiadou, UGV0ZXIgUmVnbmVy
    Music and mixing:Thomas Sperlbauer
    Production: gharakhanzadeh sandbichler architekten zt GmbH wien
    Directed by: Anna Vasof

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