Animal’s war

  • Animal’s war

    Project Information
    in collaboration with: 
    the children of Lamia's chlid care center

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    At first Monkey appeared.
    The soldiers paraded.
    And tanks searched for the animals.
    All until Elephant arrived.
    When Hippo was captured, Monkey tried to help him,
    but then the soldiers pointed their guns at the rest of the animals.
    So all the animals joined together
    And changed the soldiers in to various fruits.
    When Yannis collected all the soldiers from the trees,
    the trees started to produce flowers.
    Now monkey does not have to look at us and look for us again
    And TV won’t show us war anymore.
    We didn’t know who was alive and who was dead.
    We searched in the schools…
    Where are the flowers?
    First they need the flowers.